12.1 Guidelines for Using Variables

Use the following guidelines when you are using variables to either customize the default templates or to create new templates:

  • Case Sensitivity: All variables are case sensitive. Changing case in a variable causes QuickFinder to ignore the variable.

  • Variable Formatting: All variables must be used exactly as they appear in the tables in this document. Variables always begin with two dollar signs ($$).

  • Success of a Variable: The inclusion of a variable does not guarantee that information is returned after a search is performed. For example, using the $$Author variable might not return the name of a document’s author if that information is not available in the meta tag of the document.

  • Internationalizing Templates: If you want to internationalize your templates, you must create a template for each language you want to support in your search solution. For more information about languages, see Section 14.0, Internationalizing Search Services.

For more information about how to implement variables in a search or print template, or how to implement search parameters in an HTML document to create a search form, see Section 13.0, Customizing Your Templates and Search Forms.