E.6 Rights-based Searching

QuickFinder and Web Search have always been able to perform rights-based searching (showing only those hits that users have rights to see). However, if a particular user doesn’t have rights to the first 100,000 files, then both take a long time to show any search results. Therefore, QuickFinder and Web Search both have the ability to define rights at several levels: 1) Individual files - very secure, but very slow; 2) Path-level access control - if a user has rights to the 1st search result in a particular directory, then they have rights to all the files in that directory; still sufficiently secure, but much faster; 3) Index level access control; if a user has rights to the “index control file”, then they have rights to see all the search results from that index; mild security, but very fast; under high load situations, this is the best choice, but requires that admins segregate their content into “public” and “protected” indexes.