11.12 Deleting the Junction

Deleting a junction removes the junction file and the trustees, trustee rights, and inherited rights filters that are explicitly set on the junction. It does not delete the data or trustee settings in the target location.

Changing the access path to the data might result in different effective rights for users at the target location. To avoid security or visibility issues, make sure to verify trustee settings in the target location before or after the delete. Before you delete the junction, you can use the Target Rights page for the junction to modify the settings. After you delete the junction, use any other method you normally use to view and modify rights.

  1. (Optional, recommended) Verify that the trustees and trustee rights settings at the target location are what you intend them to be when users access the data via a different path than the current junction.

    For information, see Section 11.8, Adding or Deleting Trustees for the Junction Target and Section 11.10, Modifying Trustee Rights for the Junction Target.

  2. In iManager, click Distributed File Services > Delete Junction.

  3. Browse to locate the junction you want to delete.

  4. Click OK, then confirm the warning message to delete the junction.