9.3 Guidelines for VLDB Services

The VLDB service is configured when you create the DFS management context. At least one instance of the VLDB service for a DFS management context must be running in order use DFS junctions and tasks for volumes in that context. You can define one or two replica sites to host instances of the VLDB service.

The VLDB service tracks only those volumes in the DFS management context that have Volume objects in Novell eDirectory.

  • NSS Volume Entries in the VLDB: NSS volumes can be source or target volumes for DFS junctions and the Move Volume or Split Volume tasks. NSS automatically creates a Volume object in eDirectory when you create the volume in iManager or NSSMU. These tools go through the _admin volume, so the corresponding VLDB entry occurs automatically.

    If the Volume object is not created or is damaged, you can force NSS to create it, using the Update eDirectory option on the Storage > Volumes page. For instructions, see Updating eDirectory Volume Objects in the OES 11 SP3: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux.

  • NCP Volume Entries in the VLDB: On Linux, NCP volumes (NCP shares defined for Linux Ext3 and Reiser file systems) can be the target of junctions. NCP Server automatically creates a Volume object in eDirectory when you create NCP volumes by defining NCP shares.

For information about monitoring the VLDB service, see Section 10.0, Managing VLDB Services.