10.5 Specifying Non-Default VLDB Database Paths on Replica Sites

If you specify two replica sites when you create a DFS management context, it is not possible to specify non-default VLDB paths that are different for each of the replica sites. By default, each replica site uses the default VLDB path appropriate for its platform. If you specify a non-default VLDB path when two sites are selected, that path applies to both selected replica sites.

For example, you typically specify a non-default VLDB path when you are clustering the VLDB service for a replica site so that the VLDB is located on a clustered resource. If you cluster each replica site, the sites might need different non-default paths on their respective servers.

To specify different non-default paths for two replica sites, create the DFS management context with a single replica site, and specify its non-default VLDB path. After the management context is created successfully, use the Distributed File Services > Manage Replica Sites task in iManager to add the second replica and specify the non-default VLDB path to use for its VLDB.