9.7 Guidelines for Managing Move Volume or Split Volume Jobs

Consider the following guidelines for managing your DFS move or split volume jobs:

  • If the server crashes during a volume move or split operation, the operation resumes where it left off when the server comes back up.

  • You can set up as many move or split jobs as you want; however, DFS can concurrently run only four active move or split operations. After four requests, any additional requests must wait for one of the running operations to complete, or you must pause a job and start the operation you want to run.

  • After you move a volume with the Move Volume task, DFS automatically updates the VLDB with the new physical location of the volume. After the update, scripts that access the volume through an existing junction do not need any changes. However, scripts that reference the volume or server name must be updated, and so do any drive mappings to the server or volume.

  • When you split a volume with the Split Volume task, DFS automatically creates a DFS junction at the directory point where you split the volume. After the split is complete, you can optionally modify the trustee rights on the junction and target volume in iManager with Distributed File Services > Modify Junction.