14.5 Viewing Files Skipped by a Move or Split Job

If a Move or Split job reports a Files Skipped status, some files could not be moved because they were open at the time that DFS attempted to copy them.

To view a list of files:

  1. To retrieve the Operation ID number of the Move or Split job, enter the following command at the server command prompt:

    volmn status

    NSS displays a list of the Move and Split jobs that are in progress or were initiated or run in the past seven days.

  2. Find the Move or Split job of interest and make a note of its Operation ID (OpID) number.

    For example, Move(VOL1) might have an Operation ID number of 104211375.

  3. To display a list of the files skipped, enter the following at the server command prompt:

    volmn list OpID

    For example, enter

    volmn list 104211375