B.0 RPM Files for Dynamic Storage Technology

The following RPM files are installed for Dynamic Storage Technology for Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) 11 SP3.


This RPM contains the NCP Server shared library (libncpengine.so) that runs as part of eDirectory. This is the software that handles all client NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) requests.


This RPM contains the Novell Remote Manager for Linux plug-in provided by the NCP team (libnrm2ncp.so).


This RPM contains ncpcon and ncptop tools to help administrators manage the NCP Server. It also contains daemons that connect the ncpserver engine to other services on the server: ncp2nss and lum2ncp.


This RPM contains httpstkd and the shared library (libnrm.so) that creates Novell Remote Manager for Linux as an httpstk plug-in. It also contains other files used by Novell Remote Manager.