7.1 Replicating Branches of the Primary File Tree in the Secondary File Tree

You can create a global policy to control when branches in the primary file tree are replicated to the secondary file tree.

When a new directory is created, the folder is created in the primary file tree. A configurable option called Replicate Primary Tree to Shadow determines whether a matching path is automatically created at that time, or later when a policy is enforced that actually moves data in the folder to the secondary location. By default, the branches are not created in the secondary file tree until they are needed. Performance is better when the branches are created only as needed.

IMPORTANT:If you use shadow volumes in a cluster, ensure that you set the same global policies on each OES 11 SP2 node in the cluster.

Valid settings for the Replicate Primary Tree to Shadow are:

To configure the Replicate Primary Tree to Shadow parameter:

  1. Log in as the root user to Novell Remote Manager.

  2. Select Manage NCP Services > Manage Server to view the Server Parameter Information.

  3. Click the link for the REPLICATE_PRIMARY_TREE_TO_SHADOW setting.

  4. In New Value, do one of the following:

    • Disable Immediate Path Replication: Type 0 to replicate paths in the secondary file tree as they are needed when the data is actually moved to the secondary storage area.

    • Allow Immediate Path Replication: Type 1 to replicate all paths in the secondary file tree immediately as they are created on the primary file tree.

  5. Click Change.

  6. On the Server Parameter Information page, verify that the new setting is displayed for the REPLICATE_PRIMARY_TREE_TO_SHADOW parameter.

For information about using the SET command to modify this global policy, see Section A.4, Configuring Global DST Policies by Using the SET Command.