11.6 Viewing Information about the Files Moved During a Policy Run

If a file is moved during a policy run, the event is logged in the primary volume’s log file. It is also tracked in the volume’s audit log file (/media/nss/<primary_volume_name>/.NETWARE/<primary_volume_name name>.audit.log).

To view the primary volume’s log file by using Novell Remote Manager:

  1. In Novell Remote Manager, select View File System, then select Dynamic Storage Technology Options to open the Dynamic Storage Technology Options page.

  2. Under Volume Information, locate the shadow volume, then click the link to its log file.

  3. In the log file, look for entries for the file moves.

    For example, the following entry shows that the /finance/rosebud_annual_report.pdf file was successfully moved from the primary volume to the secondary volume:

    <libncpengine name="volumeAuditOperations" timestamp="Wed Jun  8 18:00:21 2011 PM CEST" errno="0">
      <Move_status type="string">Successfully moved file</Move_status>
      <Direction type="string">primary to shadow</Direction>
      <File_path type="string">/finance/rosebud_annual_report.pdf</File_path>