15.11 Upgrading a Cluster with DST Resources from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11x

You can upgrade a cluster from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11 SP1 or from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11 SP2. The same release version of OES 11 must be installed and running on each new or upgraded node in the cluster.

The procedure in this section refers to OES 11x. A specific version of OES 11 is mentioned if the procedure applies only to that version of the platform.

If you replace an OES 2 SP3 node with an OES 11x node instead of using an in-place upgrade to OES 11x, you must manually configure the global policies and move the All Shadowed Volumes policies data to the OES 11x node.

  1. On the replacement OES 11x node, set the same global configuration policies that are set on the OES 2 SP3 nodes.

  2. If you have All Shadowed Volumes policies set on the OES 2 SP3 nodes, copy the information in the /usr/novell/sys/._NETWARE/shadow_policy.xml file to the same path on the replacement OES 11x nodes.

  3. In iManager, use the Clusters plug-in to modify the preferred nodes list for each DST pool cluster resource to specify only OES 11x nodes as fail-over candidates.

  4. Launch a terminal console, then cluster migrate the DST pool cluster resource to an OES 11x node:

    cluster migrate <dst_volume_cluster_resource> [oes11x_node_name]

    If the node name is not specified, the resource automatically is brought online on an available node in its preferred nodes list. To bring it online on a specific node, you can specify a node in its preferred nodes list. The resource will be mounted there if it is possible to do so; that is, if the node is available and there are no resource conflicts.