4.2 Prerequisites for Using Apache in NCS Clusters

The following setup is required to use Apache HTTP Server on your OES servers in Novell Cluster Services clusters:

  • You can use cluster-enabled Novell Storage Services (NSS) file system or Linux LVM volumes to host your web content:

  • If you host multiple websites on a server in a Novell Cluster Services cluster, you must configure an Apache virtual host for each website on one OES node, then copy the configuration files to every OES node in the cluster.

  • In a Novell Cluster Services cluster, the directories you specify in the DocumentRoot directive and any Alias directives for a virtual host should reside on the same cluster resource so they can fail over together. The location that contains the web content should be a directory on the volume, not the root of the volume. Specify the full Linux path of the directory. Linux paths are case-sensitive.

    For example, Novell Cluster Services scripts assume that the pool’s volumes are mounted in the default NSS location of /media/nss/<volume_name>. The full Linux path of the /www/mysite path on an NSS volume APACHEVOL is


    For LVM logical volumes, specify the mount point of the file systems. The default location for LVM volumes created with NSSMU or NLVM commands is /usr/novell/<volume_name>. The full Linux path of the /www/mysite path on an LVM logical volume APACHEVOL is