7.1 Accessing the Archive Versioning Plug-In in iManager

  1. Open your Web browser to the following URL:


    Replace svrname.example.com with the actual DNS name or IP address (for example, of the server where iManager is running.

    IMPORTANT:The URL path is case sensitive.

    For information, see Accessing iManager chapter in the Novell iManager 2.7.4 Administration Guide.

  2. On the iManager Login page, log in to the eDirectory tree where the archive server you want to manage resides.

  3. In the left navigator, expand Archive Versioning to show its tasks.

    The iManager Archive Versioning Role and Tasks
  4. Click Archive Jobs or Archive Server Properties, depending on what task you want to perform.

  5. Select the archive server you want to manage in the tree where you are logged in to iManager.

    For information, see Section 7.2, Configuring Archive Volume.