4.2 Installing NSS File Version Utility on Windows

  1. Launch a Web browser, then open the Welcome page with the following URL:


    Replace svrname with the actual DNS name or IP address of the Archive server.

  2. In the left navigator, select Client Software > Archive Versioning.

    Depending on your requirement install the Archive Versioning 32-bit Client for Windows (NSSFileVersionUtility.exe) or Archive Versioning 64-bit Client for Windows Vista (NSSFileVersionUtility_x64.exe).

  3. Download and install the executable file to your Windows workstation.

    NOTE:On Windows Vista 64-bit, you need to manually register the VshellExtn.dll. On the elevated command prompt, enter regsvr32 VShellExtn.dll /s

    After a successful installation, the Restore Archived Versions is available when you right-click a file or directory on a network drive (that is a mapped NSS volume).

4.2.1 Uninstalling NSS File Version Utility

Uninstall the NSS File Version Utility using Add or Remove Programs.

NOTE:To perform clean uninstallation on Windows Vista, you must close the Versioning window, then perform uninstallation.