4.4 Viewing the Versioning Policy

The administrator sets the versioning criteria to filter the type of files to be versioned, duration and the number of versions retained for a given volume. Select the volume to view the policy set for all the files that are eligible for versioning.

You can view the versioning policy of the jobs that are in the running state.

  1. Right-click in the system tray, then click View Versioning Policy.

  2. Select the volume.

    If you encounter any errors, check the log.txt file. Configure the Versioning.Policy.exe.config file to log the error messages related to versioning policy in the log.txt file.

  3. Refer to the table below for details on the fields.



    Server Name

    The OES 2 server where the data to be versioned is located.

    Volume Name

    The OES 2 NSS volume where the data to be versioned is located.

    Job Status

    The current operational state of the job.


    Scheduled: The job is scheduled to save file versions; currently it is not active.


    Running: The job is saving file versions to the archive database.


    Stopped: The archived data is available to you, but the job is disabled and no new versions are captured.


    Cleanup: The Clean Up Users job is in progress. The job removes obsolete user information.


    Not Configured: One or more of the job's settings are missing or invalid, or the default job settings for the job are missing or invalid.

    Next Version time

    The next scheduled date and time to begin the versioning process.


    Displays the filter settings for versioning the files and directories.

    Job Schedule

    The interval or start time for a job.

    Delete Policy

    Determines the files to delete from the archive database and when to delete them.

  4. Click OK to close the Versioning Policy GUI.

    For more information on job status, filters, job schedule and delete policy, see the Managing Jobs in the OES 2 SP3: Novell Archive and Version Services 2.1 Administration Guide for Linux.