2.7 Converting Multiple NetWare Cluster Nodes to OES 2 Linux

If you attempt to concurrently convert multiple NetWare cluster servers to OES 2 Linux, we strongly recommend that you use the old NetWare node IP addresses for your Linux cluster servers. You should record the NetWare node IP addresses before converting them to Linux.

If you must assign new node IP addresses, we recommend that you only convert one node at a time.

If new cluster node IP addresses are required and new server hardware is being used, another option is to shut down the NetWare nodes that are to be removed and then add the new Linux cluster nodes. After adding the new Linux cluster nodes, you can remove the NetWare cluster node-related objects as described in Step 5 of Section 5.1, Converting NetWare Cluster Nodes to OES 2 Linux (Rolling Cluster Conversion).

IMPORTANT:Failure to follow these recommendations might result in NetWare server abends and Linux server restarts.