17.3 Estimated Time Taken to Build the Trustee File on Linux

On Linux, NCP Server stores file system trustees and rights information in the ._NetWare/.trustee_database.xml file at the root of each NSS volume or NCP volume. The NSS file system also stores this information in its file system metadata as it does on NetWare. This database file is updated when you:

When you migrate an NSS volume from NetWare to Linux, the trustee database file does not exist. NCP Server reads the trustee and rights information from the NSS file system metadata, validates the User object, and stores the settings in a ._NetWare/.trustee_database.xml file at the root of the volume. The information collection process begins automatically when the NSS volume is mounted on the OES 2 Linux server.

Testing found that building the initial database on Linux for an existing volume takes about one minute per 50,000 storage objects. Testing was done on the following configuration for the target server:

To follow the synchronization between the file system and the trustee file, look for output in the /var/opt/novell/log/ncp2nss.log file.