2.4 Syntax Translation Issues for Load and Unload Scripts

Executing a script that is valid for the NetWare platform is not necessarily recognized on the OES 2 Linux platform. When cluster migrating a resource from a NetWare node to a OES 2 Linux node, the resource’s Load script and Unload script need to be translated in-memory while the cluster contains mixed nodes. It is also translated in-memory when the cluster is finally converted from NetWare to Linux. This translation is done by the Cluster Translation Library script (/opt/novell/ncs/bin/clstrlib.py).

IMPORTANT:If the commands in cluster resource’s load or unload scripts are not part of the normal translation library, the cluster resource can end up in a comatose state.

Beginning in OES 2 SP2, Novell Cluster Services allows you to customize the translation syntax that is used for load and unload scripts in mixed-node clusters by defining them in the /var/opt/novell/ncs/customized_translation_syntax file that you create. The clstrlib.py script reads the additional translation syntax from the syntax file. For information, see Section 4.7, Customizing the Translation Syntax for Converting Load and Unload Scripts.