5.1 Selecting a Server to Manage

  1. Open an Internet browser and enter the URL for iManager.

    The URL is https:// server_ip_address/nps/imanager.html. Replace server_ip_address with the IP address or DNS name of the Linux server running AFP.

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. In the left pane, locate and select the AFP task.

  4. Use one of the following methods to select a server in the tree where you are logged in:

    • In the Server field, type the Novell eDirectory distinguished server name for the server you want to manage, then press the Tab key or click somewhere on the page outside of the Server field to confirm your selection. For example:

    • Click the Search icon to open the eDirectory Object Selector. Browse or search the list to locate the server you want to manage, then click the server name.

    • Click the Object History icon to select a server you have recently managed.

  5. Wait for iManager to retrieve information about that server and display the appropriate information to the task page you are in. It might take several seconds to retrieve the information, depending on the size of the data in the server.

The status of the server is displayed in the status bar below the Server text field.

Table 5-1 AFP Server Status



Indicates that the AFP server is stopped. To start the server, click

Indicates that the AFP server is up and functional. To stop the server, click

Click this button to view log details of the AFP server.

Click this button to save and load the configuration changes on the AFP server. This saves and loads configuration changes for all the parameters except for Authentication Mode and Reconnect Period. Any change in these two parameters will require restarting of the AFP server.

Reload doesn't affect the existing client connections to the AFP server.