novcifs (8)


novcifs - A client interface program that communicates with the cifsd daemon for Novell OES 2 SP3 Linux. For novcifs to be running, the user must log in as root.


Displaying the List of Sharepoints

novcifs [-sl | --share --list]

Displaying the Specific Sharepoint Details

novcifs [-sln SHARENAME | --share --list --name=SHARENAME]

Adding a New Sharepoint

--share --add --path=PATH --name=SHARENAME --conn-limit=CONNECTION-LIMIT --comment=COMMENT]

Removing a Sharepoint

novcifs [-srn SHARENAME | --share --remove --name=SHARENAME]

Enabling or Disabling the Debug Log (for Developers)

novcifs [-b yes|no | --enable-debug=yes|no]

Enabling or Disabling the Info Log

novcifs [-f yes|no |--enable-info=yes|no]

Enabling or Disabling SMB Signing

novcifs [-g yes|no|optional|force | --enable-smbsigning=yes|no|optional|force]

Enabling or Disabling Anonymous Log In for CIFS

novcifs -e [yes|no]

Adding or Removing DNS Names (other than hostnames) for Advertising

novcifs --add --dns-name="<DNS_NAME>" --ip-addr=IP_ADDR
novcifs --remove --dns-name="<DNS_NAME>" --ip-addr=IP_ADDR

Displaying Operational Parameters

novcifs [-o | --oper-params]

Adding a Virtual Server to the Shared Pool


Removing a Virtual Server from the Shared Pool


Displaying the Active Client Connection Count on the CIFS Server

novcifs [-C | --conn-count]

Setting LMCompatibilityLevel

novcifs [-L 0|4|5| --lm=0|4|5]

Enabling or Disabling Subtree Search Capability

novcifs -y [yes|no]

Enabling or Disabling Mask Behaviour for Range Locks

novcifs [--enable-range-lock-mask=yes|no]

Enabling or Disabling Client-side Caching

novcifs --[0|1|2|3]

Enabling Invalid User Caching

novcifs [-UT <TIMEOUT-PERIOD>]
novcifs [-Uan <USER-NAME>]
novcifs [-Urn <USER-NAME>]
novcifs [-Ul]

Enabling CIFS File Id Pool

novcifs [--dynamic-fid-pool=yes|no]

Dumping File Handle Statistics

novcifs [-d fh | --dump-statistics=fh]
novcifs [-d fp | --dump-statistics=fp]

Dumping Directory Cache Statistics

novcifs [-d dc | --dump-statistics=dc]

Viewing the Trustees Associated with a File or Folder

novcifs [-Rp FILE-PATH | --rights --path=FILE-PATH]

Synchronizing the Trustee List for a Volume

novcifs [--resync=VOLUME-NAME]

Viewing Statistics of Trustees for a Volume

novcifs [--vol-stats=VOLUME-NAME]


Usage Options

-s | --share

An argument to manipulate a sharepoint.

-l | --list

Displays the list of sharepoints.

-a | --add

Adds a new sharepoint or virtual server.


Specifies a volume-based path to add for the sharepoint. This path is not an absolute path.


Specifies the CIFS sharename while adding or removing the sharepoint.


Specifies the connection limit of the CIFS sharepoint to add.

-c COMMENT | --comment=COMMENT

Specifies a CIFS sharepoint comment to add.

-C | --conn-count

Displays the active connection count.

-r | --remove

Removes the sharepoint or virtual server.


Specifies the virtual server FDN to add or remove.


Specifies the virtual server IP address to add or remove.

-o | --oper-params

Displays the operational parameters, such as enabled or disabled, for different CIFS configurations.

-f yes|no | --enable-info=yes|no

Enables or disables the info log status.

-g yes|no|optional|force | --enable-smbsigning=yes|no|optional|force

Enables or disables the SMB signature.

  • yes for enabling.
  • no for disabling.
  • optional for optional enabling.
  • force for mandatory enabling.

This is an add-on functionality.

-b yes|no | --enable-debug=yes|no

Enables or disables the debug log.

-L 0|4|5| --lm=0|4|5

Sets LMCompatibilityLevel.

  • 0 for Accept LM and NTLM responses.
  • 4 for Accept NTLM response/refuse LM response.
  • 5 for Accept NTLMv2 response/refuse LM and NTLM responses.
-y yes|no

Enables or disables the subtree search.

--enable-range-lock-mask={ yes|no}

Enables or disables range lock masking behaviour.

IMPORTANT:If you enable or disable this parameter, make sure you restart the CIFS server using the rcnovell-cifs restart command for the changes to take effect.

[--csc= 0|1|2|3]

Enables or disables offline client-side caching for files

  • 0 Caches files for offline use. Does not permit automatic file-by-file re-integration.
  • 1 Caches files for offline use. Permits automatic file-by-file reintegration.
  • 2 Caches files for offline use. Clients are permitted to work from their local cache even while online.
  • 3 Disables offline caching.
-UT <TIMEOUT-PERIOD> | --block-invalid-users --timeout-period=TIMEOUT-PERIOD

Specifies the amount of time a user should be considered as invalid to ignore authentication requests. Specify the timeout period in minutes and the range should be between 0 and 525600.

-Uan <USER-NAME> | --block-invalid-users --add --name=<USER-NAME>

Adds the specified user to the list of default invalid users whose authentication requests needs to be ignored permanently.

-Urn <USER-NAME> | --block-invalid-users --remove --name=<USER-NAME>

Removes the specified user from the list of cached invalid users to start considering authentication requests.

-Ul | --block-invalid-users --list

Lists all the cached invalid users whose authentication requests are currently ignored.


Enables CIFS to increase the file id pool from 65k to 600k. By default, this option is disabled.

-d fh | --dump-statistics=fh

Dumps statistics of Linux file handles opened.

-d fp | --dump-statistics=fp

Dumps statistics of Linux file handles and CIFS protocol file Ids opened.

-d dc | --dump-statistics=dc

Dumps cache statistics used to store file and directory names.

-Rp FILE-PATH | --rights --path=FILE-PATH

Displays the list of trustees associated with the specified file or folder as per the CIFS cache record.


Imports the trustee information from the trustee_database.xml file associated with the specified volume into the CIFS cache.


Displays the count of new, modified, and removed trustees for the specified volume. Run this command after synchronizing the trustee list.

Help Options

-h | --help

Displays the help information for CIFS commands, syntax, and exits.

-u | --usage

Displays the usage information for the commands and exits.



CIFS configuration file.


CIFS context file.


Encrypted CIFS proxy user file.


Initialization script for CIFS. You should use this script to start and stop CIFS, rather than running it directly.


CIFS server log file.


/etc/init.d/novell-cifs start runs this program in the standard way.

/usr/sbin/novcifs runs the client interface program directly.

VOL1:dir1 or VOL1:/dir1 is a volume-based path.


Copyright 2010, Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

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