D.0 Configuration and Log Files

Table D-1 CIFS Configuration Files




CIFS server


List of eDirectory contexts having CIFS users


Hourly rotation of CIFS log file


Customized hourly rotation of CIFS log file


Used by installation of CIFS NMAS method into eDirectory tree.

Table D-2 CIFS Log Files




CIFS server run-time


Soft link to /var/log/cifs/cifs.log

With the CIFS logrotate function you can now administer your log files on an hourly basis. The cron job checks the size of the log file on a hourly basis to see if it exceeds the predefined quota. If the quota is crossed, the existing file will be rotated and logging information is written to a fresh file.

This operation continues till there are 10 cifslog files. When the last cifslog file reaches the predefined quota, then the 1st log file will be rotated.

To implement this feature, copy the cifslogrotate file to /etc/cron.hourly/ and remove the novell-cifs configuration file from /etc/logrotate.d location.