9.6 Clearing Not-Logged-In Connections to NCP Server

If users cannot connect to the server, all the licensed user connections might be in use. You can view and clear the connections of users with active connections that are not logged in to the server.

For example, if a user reboots a workstation without properly logging out, the server sends a watchdog packet to that workstation to see if it is still communicating with the server. The server continues to send watchdog packets until the workstation logs in again and re-establishes its connection with the server, or until the watchdog drops the connection because of the lack of response from the workstation.

IMPORTANT:You should be careful in clearing connections based on NLM programs because some backup NLM programs establish a connection during the server initialization process and maintain a Not Logged In connection to the server until it is time to log in and run the backup process. These types of NLM connections cannot re-establish a connection to the server unless the NLM is manually unloaded and reloaded at the server console, which might prevent it from functioning properly at the designated time of execution.

To clear connections to the NCP Server for users or NLM programs that are not logged in:

  1. In Novell Remote Manager, click Manage NCP Services > Manage Connections to open the Connection Manager page.

  2. In the Connection Listing, click the Sort icon Sort Icon for the Name column so that all Not Logged In connections are grouped together.

  3. Review the Not Logged In connections to determine which ones you want to clear.

  4. Optionally click the Name link for a specific connection to view more details about it.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • Clear All Not Logged in Connections: Under Connection Information, click the Clear All “Not Logged In” Connections link.

    • Clear One or Multiple Not Logged In Connections: Under Connection Listing, select the check box next to the specific Not Logged In connections you want to clear, then click Clear ALL Marked Connections.