7.2 NCP Server Console (NCPCON) Utility

The NCP Server Console (ncpcon(8)) utility is a Linux server console program for executing NetWare-related server console commands. You can use it to configure and manage NCP-specific functions on your OES 2 Linux server.

NCPCON is a management utility for NCP Server on Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 Linux. You must issue NCPCON commands as the root user. NCPCON commands can be issued using either of the following methods:

For a list of commands and usage information, see Section A.1, NCPCON.

When NCPCON fails, the errors are logged in ncpcon.err file located at /var/opt/novell/log. The file stores the error number of the failed NCPCON command. The ncpcon.err file is overwritten if it already exists.