8.3 Mapping Drives to Shares

From a Windows 2000 or XP workstation, you can map a network drive letter that points to a share on the OES server by doing the following:

IMPORTANT:The directory you are linking to must already exist on the OES server, and the directory’s owner (eDirectory Samba user) must have the same login name and password as the logged in user on the Windows workstation you are using.

  1. Log in to your Windows workstation.

  2. From your desktop, access My Computer > Tools > Map Network Drive.

  3. From the Drive drop-down menu, select an unused drive letter.

  4. In the Folder field, type the Samba server name and share name as follows:


    where Samba_host_name is the name of the Samba server (by default this is hostname-W) and share_name is a share name specified in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file (the most common share name is homes).

    For example, to access the homes share on a server with the host name myserver, you would type \\myserver-w\homes in the Folder field.

  5. Click Finish.

    The folder opens, ready for access.