3.4 Setting up iPrint on an NSS File System

It is now possible to host iPrint configuration and data on an NSS Volume. In a standard single server setup, you can continue to host iPrint on your default native Linux file system or you can host iPrint on an NSS file system.

In a cluster setup, we recommend making iPrint highly available on an OES2 SP3 Linux NSS Cluster setup.

NOTE:When creating a volume ensure that you create a volume of sufficient size to host all your driver needs.

Use iprint_nss_relocate script to host iprint on NSS file system in a standalone or cluster setup. This script performs the following:

These users along with apache's www group and wwwrun user are given rights to parts of the NSS file system, where the iPrint configuration and data are hosted.

3.4.1 Executing the Script

To run the iprint_nss_relocate script, execute the following steps:

  1. Go to folder /opt/novell/iprint/bin on your OES 2 SP3 server.

  2. Run the following command at the prompt:

    ./iprint_nss_relocate -a <admin dn> -p <password> -n <NSS path> [-l cluster[-c] [-w]]

    For example: iprint_nss_relocate -a cn=admin,o=novell -p novell -n /media/nss/NSSVOL1 -l cluster -c o=Novell -w o=Novell

Refer to the following table for details on the options.

Usage: ./iprint_nss_relocate -a <Administrator DN in LDAP format> -p <Administrator password> -n <NSS Path with no trailing slash> [-c <Specify Container FDN where iPrint LUM object already exists or should be created>] [-w <Specify Container FDN where apache LUM objects exist>] [-l Cluster]





Admin DN in LDAP format


Password for the Admin user


NSS Path with no trailing slash

IMPORTANT:While specifying the path ensure that there are no trailing slashes with the NSS path.

For example: The path should be specified as /media/nss/NSSVOl1 and not as /media/nss/NSSVOL1/.

-l Cluster (Optional)

Use this parameter only when you want to achieve clustering on NSS file systems. For more details on clustering, see Section 8.0, Configuring iPrint with Novell Cluster Services.

IMPORTANT:Use cluster keyword with the -l option. Do not replace the cluster keyword with a cluster object name.

-c (Optional)

Specify container FDN in LDAP format where iPrint LUM object already exists or should be created.

HINT:We recommend that all the nodes of iPrint on NSS Cluster share the iPrint LUM objects (iprint user and iprintgrp group) and are present in the same container. If the nodes are in different containers, then it is recommended on the subsequent nodes where the iprint_nss_relocate is running, specify the existing iPrint LUM objects' context. To specify the context, give the -c option in the command. Do not choose the context where the non-user object named iprint already exists.

-w (Optional)

Specify Container FDN in LDAP format where apache LUM objects exist.


./iprint_nss_relocate -a cn=admin,o=novell -p novell -n /media/nss/DATA -c o=Novell,t=iPrint_Tree -w o=Novell,t=iPrint_Tree -l cluster