11.4 Upgrade for a 64-bit from OES 2 to OES 2 SP2

Upgrade OES2 64-bit with all latest patches to OES 2 SP2 64-bit causes driver store issues.

Upgrade causes iManager display error

Explanation: After upgrade is over, iManager shows both the driver store and PSM are down.

NOTE:The problem is not observed from the command prompt.

Possible Cause: A possible problem due to idsd and ipsmd daemons running while upgrading.
Action: Use the following procedure:
  1. Stop the idsd and ipsmd daemons before upgrade using the rcnovell-idsd stop and rcnovell-ipsmd stop commands.

  2. Restart the idsd and ipsmd daemons after upgrade is over using the rcnovell-idsd start and rcnovell-ipsmd start commands.