12.7 Viewing Monitored Items

If you have several groups defined and you want to see which items are being monitored from this server without opening each group, click View Monitored Items.

This page lists of all of the items currently being monitored by the Novell Remote Manager health monitoring engine on this server.

If an item has not been monitored for more than 3 minutes, it is removed from the list.

Table 12-3 Health Monitoring Engine Monitored Items




Shows the health indicator icon for the item

Item Name

The name assigned to the item when it was defined in a Novell Remote Manager health monitoring group.


The type of item being monitored, such as NRM health, ping status, web download.


The third column is the address that Novell Remote Manager uses to check the items health status.

Last Check Time

The last time that a Novell Remote Manager group requested the health status of this item.

Monitoring Start Time

The that health monitoring was started for this item.

If this server’s utilization is high due to the monitoring occurring on this server, you might consider moving some of the monitoring to another location.