3.4 Updating the iManager Plug-in Modules

  1. In the Configure pane, click Plug-in Installation > Available Novell Plug-in Modules.

    A list shows the plug-ins on novell.com that have been updated or created since OES 2 was initially released.

  2. Click the check box in the header row.

    All of the available plug-in modules are selected.

  3. Click Install.

  4. Agree to the license agreement and click OK.

  5. When the plug-in installation process concludes, click Close.

    You can safely ignore plug-in installation errors in connection with the exercises in this guide. If you have concerns about the errors for production servers, contact Novell support or visit the Novell Support Web page.

  6. Do not close iManager. Continue with the next section, Creating a Context for Your Users and Groups.