3.6 Assigning a Password Policy to Your Users

Beginning with OES 2 SP3, the configuration of proxy users and universal password policies is simplified by default. In Configuring eDirectory and OES Services you created a common proxy user, and a universal password policy named Common Proxy Policy.

In order for the users you create to use some of the OES services you have installed, such as Novell CIFS, you must associate the Common Proxy Policy with those users. The simplest method for doing this is to associate the policy with the USERS container created in Section 3.5, Creating a Context for Your Users and Groups.

NOTE:The Common Proxy Policy is associated with the server’s parent container (SERVERS) by default. If your users were in the same container as the server or in a subcontainer of it, then the following steps would not be needed. However, the USERS container is a sibling to the SERVERS container in the tree created in this guide.

  1. In iManager, click the Roles and Tasks icon Roles and Tasks icon.

  2. Click Passwords > Password Policies.

  3. Click the Common Proxy Policy link.

  4. Click the Policy Assignment tab.

  5. Click the Browse icon Browse icon next to the Assign To field.

  6. In the Contents pane, browse to the LAB Organizational Unit.

  7. Select the USERS Organizational Unit object, then click OK.

  8. Click Apply > OK.

  9. Do not close iManager. Continue with the next section, Creating NCP and NSS Volumes for Home Directories.