1.5 Taking a Test Run: Performing a Search

When you install QuickFinder Server, some of your server’s content is automatically indexed and appears on the default search form as QuickFinder and DocRoot indexes. The first is a file system index of the QuickFinder help system and the second is a crawled index of the default Web server on your machine.

After the server has been started, you can open the search page through your Web browser and perform a search against the content that has been automatically indexed.

To test QuickFinder by using the default search page, do the following:

  1. Type http://domainname/qfsearch/quickfinder in your Web browser’s address field, then press Enter.

    IMPORTANT:The URL is case sensitive. Use the exact case shown above. You can substitute your server’s IP address for the domain name if the IP address is in list of aliases for the virtual search server.

  2. Type QuickFinder in the Search field, then press Enter.

HINT:The Search form template, SearchTemplate.html, is stored on your server at /<searchroot>/Templates where searchroot is the path where you installed QuickFinder. The default install location is /var/lib/qfsearch. See Customizing Your Templates and Search Forms for information.