10.9 Making Good Use of Document Fields

A document field is any meta tag or document summary field that helps to identify the document’s contents. A document summary field might be a title, heading, or paragraph contained in a title or meta tag within an HTML document.

QuickFinder is designed to take advantage of document fields in order to improve the accuracy, relevance, display information, and speed of search results.

By design, QuickFinder always indexes all document fields in many document types, including HTML, PDF, Word, WordPerfect, XML, etc. Users can then constrain searches to the contents of any document field.

As a QuickFinder administrator, you can also use document fields to further restrict search results to certain products, categories, authors, titles, keywords, or any other content belonging to a document field.

To perform a field-restricted search, use the ^fieldname=search_criteria search operator.

HINT:You might consider sending this information as hidden data using the &filter= query parameter. For example: