10.7 Weighted Queries

A weighted query is used anytime you want to modify the order or relevance of certain hits in a user’s normal search results list or when you want to add additional search results users might not have identified in their queries.

QuickFinder allows users to submit more than one query item as part of a single search request.

The following query parameters are combined to identify a single search query item:

One use of this feature could be to provide profile-enhanced search requests. For example, the following query returns French product downloads higher up in the search results list but does not eliminate results of any other language downloads:


This example directs QuickFinder to perform two completely separate searches. The search results from the two queries are then merged based on the relevance of the individual search results and the weighting of the respective query that produced them.

Another example might be to give the search results from one index more or less relevance than the search results of another index when performing a multiple-index search. For example, the search results from Novell might be more relevant than the search results from Novonyx.

To send multiple query items, these parameters must be grouped by using a number (#) at the end of the parameter name so they are interpreted properly. The numbering should begin at 0 or 1 and increment sequentially for each additional query item.