10.1 Reviewing Query Log Reports

Before you begin changing various QuickFinder settings, set up and review query log files for clues about where your search service needs improvements.

Query logging captures many details about user queries, including total number of searches performed (for the current logging period), top 100 search terms, load statistics, and the number of print jobs performed. It also provides information about queries that resulted in a “not found.”

  1. On the Global Settings page of QuickFinder Server Manager, click Manage in the row of the virtual search server that you want to work with.

  2. Click General under Settings.

  3. To view an existing log report, select a report from the Available log reports list, then click View Report.

    If there are no logs listed, you have not yet generated a log report.

  4. (Optional) Click Generate Current to create a report of the current (not yet completed) log period.

    Depending on the amount of information in the logs, this process could take anywhere from a few seconds up to several hours to complete. After a new report is generated, it appears in this list.