3.4 Installing DST on Nodes in a Novell Cluster Services for Linux Cluster

NCP Server and Dynamic Storage Technology software are not cluster aware. They must be installed on every OES 2 Linux node in the cluster where you plan to migrate or fail over the cluster resource that contains shadow volumes. You do not cluster NCP Server or DST services.

  1. For each node in the OES 2 Linux cluster, install NCP Server and Dynamic Storage Technology along with Novell Cluster Services for Linux.

    For information, see Section 3.2, Installing NCP Server and Dynamic Storage Technology.

  2. On each node in the OES 2 Linux cluster, configure the DST global policies with the same settings. Global policies apply to all DST shadow volumes on the server.

    For information, see Section 8.0, Configuring DST Global Policies.

    IMPORTANT:Whenever you modify global policies on a given node in the cluster, you must make those same changes on the other nodes.

  3. Set up the shadow volume cluster resource on the first node in the cluster by using a method described in Section 13.0, Configuring DST Shadow Volume Pairs with Novell Cluster Services.

  4. Set up shadow volume policies for the shadow volume as described in Section 10.0, Creating and Managing Policies for Shadow Volumes.

    If you set up policies by using the All Volumes option, you must copy the policy information to all nodes. For information, see All-Shadow-Volumes Policies.