D.0 Using NSS on Devices Managed by Non-EVMS Volume Managers

The Novell Storage Services file system can exist on devices managed by any volume manager. However, when using non-EVMS volume managers, some of the NSS features are not available because the NSS management tools require EVMS to carry out related commands.

WARNING:The LVM-based NSS configurations described in this appendix are untested and are not supported by Novell Support. Also, some key features, such as clustering with Novell Cluster Services, are not available on non-EVMS managed volumes. For more information see Section D.1.2, NSS Limitations for Non-EVMS Volume Managers.

These instructions are only for those who are willing to assume the risks and limitations described. Everyone else should follow the instructions located in Section 3.0, Installing and Configuring Novell Storage Services, and use EVMS as their NSS volume manager.

This section describes the following: