1.18 Novell Identity Translator (NIT)

Multi-Forest Support for AD Users

Multi-forest support allows you to access NSS resources from Active Directory users belonging to AD forests having bi-directional trust with OES joined forest or AD domains having bi-directional external trust with OES joined forest.

Forest trust (bi-directional) must be in place and active between the trusting forest and trusted forest(s). For more information about NIT, see NIT (Novell Identity Translator) in the OES 2015 SP1: NSS AD Administration Guide.

The following OES components supports the multi-forest changes for AD users:

  • Novell Storage Services (NSS)

  • Common Internet File System (CIFS)

  • Distributed File Services (DFS)

  • Dynamic Storage Technology (DST)

  • Migration Tool

  • Novell Identity Translator (NIT)

  • Storage Management Services (SMS)

  • OES File Access Rights Management (NFARM)

  • OES User Rights Management (NURM)

  • NSS Auditing Client Logger (VLOG)

  • NSS Utilities (rights, nssquota, nsschown, and metamig)