D.2 Options

Table D-1 SMSLS Options

Linux Options






Generates a list of files whose archive bit is set.


Generates a list of files whose metadata archive bit is set.



Specifies the path to the file that stores the deleted file list. A new FILE_PATH.deleted file is created to store the deleted file list.


Includes only the files in the modified file list, not the directories. By default, directories are included in the modified file list.



Specifies the username for connecting to the Target Service Agent (TSA). This is a mandatory option.



Specifies the password to connect to the TSA. Specify the password by using the environment variable SMSLS_USER_PASSWORD. If no password is specified, smsls prompts for a password.


Specifies the volume name or the location to generate the modified file list and deleted file list. This is a mandatory option.


Specifies the location of the file for storing the configuration details. The smsls utility stores the last run time and the epoch details in this configuration file. This is a mandatory option.


Initializes the smsls utility. This stores the EFL epoch and the current date and time in the specified configuration file.


Lists all the active epochs for the specified volume.



Displays the help information for the smsls utility.