D.3 Examples

On performing a full backup, you must initialize the smsls tool. During initialization, the smsls utility stores the EFL epoch and the current date and time in the configuration file. For the subsequent executions, the same configuration file needs to be provided.

This file list is used by engines that take a list of paths as input for more granular incremental backups. You can use the smsls utility to view information about files and epochs..

  • To initialize the smsls utility for the volume VOL1 and to store the current configuration in the file smsls_vol1.conf, enter

    smsls --init --conf-file=/home/smsls_vol1.conf --path=/media/nss/VOL1 -U admin

  • To generate the list of modified files and deleted files by using the configuration file sys:backup-data/smsls_vol1.conf, enter

    smsls -o=/home/fileslist_vol1 --conf-file=/home/smsls_vol1.conf --path=/media/nss/VOL1 -U admin

    The modified files are listed in the /home/filelist_vol1 file.

    The deleted files are listed in the /home/filelist_vol1.deleted file.

  • To generate the list of files within the directory for a specified volume, enter

    smsls -o=/home/fileslist_vol1 --conf-file=/home/smsls_vol1.conf --path=/media/nss/VOL1/dir1/dir2 -U admin

  • To use the archive bit and metadata archive bits to generate the modified file list, enter

    smsls -am -o=/home/fileslist_vol1 --conf-file=/home/smsls_vol1.conf --path=/media/nss/VOL1 -U admin

  • To list the current active epochs, enter

    smsls --list-epochs --conf-file=/home/smsls_vol1.conf --path=/media/nss/VOL1 -U admin


  • You must store the output of a file in the directory.

  • If a filtering option is specified for the archive bit and metadata archive bit, the modified time option is not used for displaying the file list.