5.0 Administering the CIFS Server

CIFS on an Open Enterprise Server (OES) server can be managed and administered either through iManager 3.2 or from the command line.

An administrator can start or stop CIFS, customize network access for CIFS users, and perform other configuration and administration activities.

CIFS maintains a configuration file and context search information that is set up during installation. An eDirectory search context is created by default during the OES installation for all users who require access to the network. These contexts are saved in the context search file. When users specify a user name, the CIFS component running on the server searches each context in the list until it finds the correct user object.

For details on how to install the CIFS iManager plug-in, see Section 4.5, Installing the CIFS iManager Plug-In.

For basic information on command line administration, see Section 5.2, Using the Command Line to Manage CIFS or for complete details, see Section A.0, Command Line Utility for CIFS.