7.2 NCP Server Console (NCPCON) Utility

The NCP Server Console (ncpcon(8)) utility is a Linux server console program for executing NetWare-related server console commands. You can use it to configure and manage NCP-specific functions on your OES server.

NCPCON is a management utility for NCP Server on Open Enterprise Server (OES). You must issue NCPCON commands as the root user. NCPCON commands can be issued by using either of the following methods:

  • Use the ncpcon command in interactive mode by starting NCPCON, then entering the command at the NCPCON prompt.

  • Use the ncpcon command in a scripting or command line mode by prepending the server console command with ncpcon. For scripting, double-quote the desired NCP Server console command. For example:

    ncpcon mount sys

For a list of commands and usage information, see Section A.1, NCPCON.

When NCPCON fails, the errors are logged in ncpcon.err file located at /var/opt/novell/log. The file stores the error number of the failed NCPCON command. The ncpcon.err file is overwritten if it already exists.