10.5 Viewing the Size of an NCP Volume

The amount of space available to an NCP volume depends on the size of the partition where the underlying Linux POSIX file system was created and any additional devices that might be mapped to paths that are under the NCP volume’s share path. Space on the Linux file system is overbooked from the point of view of the NCP shares on it. If you create multiple NCP volumes on the same Linux volume, each NCP volume reports the space available to it as the unused space on the Linux volume.

You can use the Volume Inventory report in OES Remote Manager for Linux to view the size of the NCP volume and the space available to it. Do not use Linux utilities (such as df -h) to determine the size of an NCP volume.

  1. Open OES Remote Manager for Linux for the server you want to manage.

  2. Select View File System, then select NCP Volume Inventory.

  3. Click the link of the NCP volume to create a Volume Inventory report for the volume.

  4. Under Key Statistics, view the Space in Use and Space Available.

You can also use ncpcon volumes /s to view the used and free space details.