OES 2018 SP2: NetStorage Administration Guide for Linux

  OES 2018 SP2: NetStorage Administration Guide for Linux
    NetStorage Overview
      How NetStorage Works
      What Users See When They Access NetStorage
      What’s Next
    What’s New or Changed in NetStorage
      What’s New or Changed in NetStorage (OES 2018 SP2)
      What’s New or Changed in NetStorage (OES 2018 SP1)
      What’s New or Changed in NetStorage (OES 2018)
    Installing NetStorage
      Installing NetStorage After the OES Installation
      Changing the NetStorage Default Configuration
      Creating Storage Location Objects and Lists
      What’s Next
    Configuring NetStorage with OES Cluster Services
      NetStorage Installation and Configuration
      OES Cluster Services Configuration and Setup
    Running NetStorage in a Virtualized Environment
    Using NetStorage
      Accessing NetStorage
      Viewing or Modifying Directory and File Attributes and Rights
      Accessing Archived Files
      Setting Directory Quotas on NSS Volumes and Directories
      Purging and Salvaging Deleted NSS Files
      Removing NetStorage
    Administering NetStorage
      Using iManager to Administer NetStorage
      Understanding the NetStorage Configuration Settings
      Enabling NetStorage to Download Multiple Files and Folders in Non-English Language
      What’s Next
    Troubleshooting NetStorage
      NetStorage Does Not Come Up After Upgrading to OES 2018 or Later if Service Proxy is Configured
      Contextless Login Does Not Work For Users Who Are Not LUM-Enabled or Whose Context Is Not in the Search Context List
      Unable to Open a File in NetStorage if the File is already Open through Client for Open Enterprise Server On a Different Server
      Unable to View and Modify Files Properties
      Unexpected Results from Login Scripts
      Slow Login
      Configuring LDAP Contextless Login for Use with NetStorage
      Configuring NetStorage to Use the Proper Code Page or Character Set
      Configuring NetStorage with iChain
      Accessing CIFS or SSH Storage Locations
      LUM Must Have SSHD Access Enabled
      Restricted SSH Access for Samba Users
      Phantom Folders
      The Assign Storage Location Page Navigates to the Home Page
      Unable to View or Delete the Values of the Alternative Hosts in iManager
      Transfer ID fails when NetStorage is Configured on the Source Server
      NetStorage Service Configuration Fails
    Security Considerations
      Security Features
      Security Configuration
      Security Recommendations
      Other Security Considerations
    Legal Notices