A.6 Language Commands


Sets up a mapping of HTTP Accept-Language header tags for Linux locales. These locales determine the languages in which the browser can view content through the OES Remote Manager utility.

To see a list of possible locales on your Linux server, enter the following at a shell prompt:

locale -a


lang HTTP_language_string locale_string




Use the following settings:

  • English: en en_US.UTF8

  • US English: en-us en_US.UTF8

  • Chinese Simplified: zh-cn zh_CN.UTF8

  • Chinese Traditional: zh-tw zh_TW.UTF8

  • Czech: cs cs_CZ.UTF8

  • French: fr fr_FR.UTF

  • German: de de_DE.UTF8

  • Hungarian: hu hu_HU.UTF8

  • Italian: it it_IT.UTF8

  • Japanese: ja ja_JP.UTF8

  • Polish: pl pl_PL.UTF8

  • Portuguese-Brazil: pt pt_BR.UTF8

  • Russian: ru ru_RU.UTF8

  • Spanish: es es_ES.UTF8

  • Slovak: sk sk_SK.UTF8

These are the default settings for this release.

In this release, OES Remote Manager supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish, and Slovak.


The following commands set the browser languages for English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese:

lang en     en_US.UTF8
lang en-us  en_US.UTF8
lang zh-cn  zh_CN.UTF8
lang zh-tw  zh_TW.UTF8
lang cs     cs_CZ.UTF8
lang cs-cz  cs_CZ.UTF8
lang fr     fr_FR.UTF8
lang fr-fr  fr_FR.UTF8
lang de     de_DE.UTF8
lang de-de  de_DE.UTF8
lang hu     hu_HU.UTF8
lang hu-hu  hu_HU.UTF8
lang it     it_IT.UTF8
lang it-it  it_IT.UTF8
lang ja     ja_JP.UTF8
lang ja-jp  ja_JP.UTF8
lang pl     pl_PL.UTF8
lang pl-pl  pl_PL.UTF8
lang pt     pt_BR.UTF8
lang pt-BR  pt_BR.UTF8
lang ru     ru_RU.UTF8
lang ru-ru  ru_RU.UTF8
lang es     es_ES.UTF8
lang es-es  es_ES.UTF8
lang sk     sk_SK.UTF8
lang sk-sk  sk_SK.UTF8

More Information

If you are upgrading this server and you want to use this option, you need to add these parameters to the /etc/opt/novell/httpstkd.conf file for this server.