7.0 Diagnosing Problems Using Ganglia and Nagios

OES Remote Manager includes several tools to assist you in monitoring the health and status of your server and services. Beginning with Open Enterprise Server (OES) 11 SP2, OES Remote Manager uses the open source monitoring tools Ganglia and Nagios to monitor the health of the server and the services and applications running on it. The tools provide complementary health monitoring functions. Ganglia gathers server metrics and tracks trends over time. Nagios monitors health and provides an alert and notification system. You can use these tools to become familiar with the normal health and status of your server. They can help you identify and diagnose problems with your server.

IMPORTANT:The Health Monitor function in OES Remote Manager is obsoleted in OES 11 SP2 and later. It is replaced by the Ganglia and Nagios open source monitoring tools, which do not use the Small Footprint CIM Broker (SFCB) for communications.

Performing the following tasks can help you to become familiar with the health and status of your servers: