14.0 Managing CIFS Services

The CIFS-NRM plug-in to OES Remote Manager allows you to manage connections and open files on NSS volumes for a CIFS server. When you install Novell CIFS, the plug-in adds the Manage CIFS Services section in NRM. With the file monitoring options, you can view details of open files and close open files by connection or by file. The tasks can be performed on NSS volumes where you have configured CIFS shares by using Novell CIFS.

For information about using and managing CIFS services on Open Enterprise Server (OES), see the OES 2018 SP2: OES CIFS for Linux Administration Guide.

For information about using and managing NSS volumes on OES, see the OES 2018 SP2: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux.

The Manage CIFS Services section includes the following links to CIFS server management pages:

Table 14-1 Links for Manage CIFS Services


Page Displayed

Manage Connections

CIFS Connections

View Logs

CIFS System Logs

  • libnrm2cifs.log

  • cifs.log

Manage Open Files

CIFS Open File Management

  • Connection information (statistics)

  • Connection listing

  • Detailed information about a connection, including open files

From these pages you can perform the following tasks: