14.8 Transfer ID fails when NetStorage is Configured on the Source Server

During Transfer ID process, miggui tries to retrieve the proxy credentials for each of the services configured on the source server. If NetStorage is configured, its script returns the proxy user name in dot separated format instead of comma separated format. Due to this, miggui displays the following warning: "The source server is configured with both service proxy and common proxy. This is not a supported scenario and will cause failure of proxy user migration. Do you want to continue?" In this scenario, the OES services fail to launch after the transfer ID is complete.

To resolve this issue, before starting the transfer ID process, update the source OES 2015 or later server, and reconfigure NetStorage using YaST > OES Install and Configuration, or by executing yast2 netstorage command. Complete the reconfiguration steps without altering any of the existing settings.