10.2 Deleting a Management Context

Deleting a DFS management context also deletes the VLDB service on its replica sites. Deleting the only replica site for a DFS management context also deletes the context.

Any affected junctions automatically refer to the next nearest management context they find above the deleted one. If a higher level management context exists, junctions are broken only until its VLDB is updated. If there is no higher level management context, junctions that pointed to volumes in the deleted management context cannot work until you create a new management context for them.

For example, if a management context exists beneath another context, it functions independently of the one above it. If the lower-level management context is removed, its volumes are added to the VLDB of the management context above it. However, if the higher-level management context is removed, its volumes are not covered because they are outside the lower-level management context and would no longer be mapped in any VLDBs. Junctions cannot locate their junction target volumes after the context is deleted, and the junctions are broken until a one or multiple DFS management contexts are put in place that include their junction target volumes.

  1. In iManager, select the Distributed File Services role to expand it, then select Delete Management Context.

  2. Select any server with an NSS volume that is located in the DFS management context that you want to manage.

    This action locates the DFS management context, lists the servers in that context that host its VLDB service replicas, and reports the current status of the VLDB service on each.

  3. Click OK to delete the selected DFS management context and its replicas.

    For each replica, the delete action deactivates and unloads the VLDB service, deletes the VLDB database, then updates eDirectory.

    This process can take up to 5 minutes. Do not click again on the page or elsewhere in the browser until the page refreshes with a message that confirms whether the delete was successful or not.