14.2 Pausing a Move or Split Job

Pause suspends one or more Move or Split jobs until you manually resume or delete them. Only four Move or Split jobs can be running concurrently on a given server. The Volume Manager performs the jobs in the order they are scheduled. If four operations are in progress and you want to activate others that you decide are a higher priority, you can pause one or more of the active jobs, thus allowing the new job to run immediately.

You might want to pause a Move or Split job to allow another job to run or to reduce the load on the system or network.

  1. In iManager, open the Volume Job Control page to view a job status report.

    For instructions, see Section 14.1, Monitoring the Status of Move Volume or Split Volume Jobs.

  2. Select the Job check box next to one or more active jobs that you want to pause.

  3. Click Pause.

  4. Type a comment to be displayed in the status report, such as the reason you are pausing the job.

  5. Click OK.

    After the page refreshes, the jobs report their status as Pausing or Paused. If you inadvertently selected some jobs that are not eligible to be rescheduled, iManager ignores the Pause command for those jobs. It applies only to those jobs that the command is valid for.