1.1 Novell Storage Services File System

Open Enterprise Server provides the Novell Storage Services (NSS) file system for Linux platforms. Its many features and capabilities include visibility, a trustee access control model, multiple simultaneous name space support, native Unicode, user and directory quotas, rich file attributes, multiple data stream support, event file lists, and a file salvage sub-system. These features can help you effectively manage your shared file storage for any size organization, scaling management of the system for even the largest of organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees.

You can move NSS volumes on NetWare 6.5 SP8 to an OES 11 or later server. For information, see Cross-Platform Issues for NSS Volumes in the OES 2018: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux.

Mixed-platform clusters are supported for temporary scenarios where you are converting a cluster from NetWare to Linux. In a mixed-platform cluster, NSS volumes that were created on NetWare can fail over between kernels, allowing for full data and file system feature preservation when converting clusters to Linux. For information, see the OES 2015 SP1: Novell Cluster Services NetWare to Linux Conversion Guide.

You can manage all storage management functions in the web-based iManager utility and the console-based NSS Management utility. NSS also supports third-party tools on both kernels for advanced data protection and management, virus scanning, and traditional archive and backup solutions.

For information, see the OES 2018: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux