4.3 Novell NetStorage

To access NetStorage, launch your web browser and open it to the following location:

Replace with the actual DNS name or IP address of your NetStorage server or the IP address for Apache-based services. If Apache-based services use a port other than 80, you must also specify that port number with the URL. For example, if the port number is 51080, the URL would be in the form

The date and time on the workstation being used to access NetStorage should be reasonably close (within a few hours) to the date and time on the server running NetStorage to avoid conflicts.

NetStorage uses eDirectory for authentication. Log in with your administrator user name and password to manage file system access for directories and files on NSS volumes. You can also log in as any user name with equivalent rights to the administrator. This limitation does not apply if you have created a Storage Location object using SSH (Secure Shell).

NOTE:Viewing or changing directory and file attributes and rights using NetStorage is only possible using a browser. This functionality is not available using Microsoft Web Folders.